John Zheng

is now carrying on his father’s family business as well as legacy

With Dr. Rusheng’s complete new acupuncture system, John is comfortable talking with you on many different conditions

 Conditions treated

Stress, insomnia, anxiety; O&G like irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, infertility; imbalanced problems; Pediatric… The list goes on and on, please read more about John’s experience at his clinic to get an idea.  For best treatment results, “put away your phone, let your brain rest and be connected with nature and the energy field that’s around you” (Dr. Rusheng’s advice)!

All the pain-related illnesses such as all kinds of headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, chest pain, abdominal pain, back pain, elbow pain, leg pain, joint pain, foot pain, and so on.  Pediatric too.

John’s father used to say, “there are about two biggest kinds of illnesses.  

One is the treatable illnesses; other untreatable illnesses we called Karma illnesses.

As long as you think it’s treatable illnesses, John can most likely be able to help you one way or another; he’s confident with his father’s complete new acupuncture system.  

Please don’t hesitate to talk to him about pretty much anything and he’ll let you know how he can help you.  

Remember, we were a very successful family business for so many years in Seattle without ever had to advertise ourselves in the past because of Dr. Rusheng’s completely new acupuncture system.  John is now in his transition in taking over the family business.

What our patients are saying:

Dear clients and friends, I would like to share my Greenlake Clinic experience with you all.  I have once again proven that those things my father taught me are still miracles.  So just to mention the three most recent clients, one was with severe back pain for years on and off, just couldn’t find someone else to help him with the pain, he came to me, and now he said: “98% recovered, almost totally normal.”  The second was an older man in his early 70’s with arrhythmia and swollen legs, usually considered to be red flags in Western medicine, he told me a week ago that his heart rate went from 20-30 (for a very long time) to now 60-70+ beats per minute, leg pain greatly reduced.  The third one was the biggest miracle of all, he was also our long time ping pong friend in Seattle, an older man now in his 70’s who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He had been using his wheelchair for at least 6 months, before the treatment he wasn’t able to even stand up for just a few minutes and he had fallen too many times and bruises were all over his head and four limbs; and now he can walk, not even with a cane, from the street up the stairs and into our office, and going back to his car after treatment the same way.  So I am very thankful for those skills that my father had taught me.  I’m also very happy to see everyone improving. -jz