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John Zheng

is now carrying on his father’s family business as well as legacy

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been around for over 3000 years.  It involves the use of both acupuncture and natural herbs to help restore your body to its natural balance.

Acupuncture is a natural approach to help your body heal itself. By strengthening your body’s natural healing ability and addressing the cause of your health concerns, oriental medicine helps awaken those body doctors and balances your body.

Treatment in acupuncture is centered on the individual rather than the disease. The disease is viewed as an imbalance in one’s healthy, natural functioning.

Dr. Zheng likes to refer to your body as “Your Private Perfect Hospital”. Chinese medicine is based on an energetic model rather than the biochemical model of Western medicine. The meridian system pertains to the internal organs and extends over the body, forming a network and linking the tissues and organs into a complete unit.

We call the energy flow of the meridian system Jin Qi. Jin Qi circulation ensures the function of your organs and maintains the balance of Yin and Yang, a healthy body. So the meridian system with its Jin Qi is just like a hospital working toward a healthy body.

To support the process of acupuncture, traditional Chinese herbs are often used.

Rusheng Zheng, John’s father
Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist

Bamboo and Healing

Dr. Zheng believes in a balanced mind-body approach to healing. 

To achieve balance in our overall system, we must address not only the symptoms of the body’ but also our mind’s attitudes and beliefs, our emotions and feelings, and our spiritual well-being.

This viewpoint is represented in the poem on the left, written in Chinese by Dr. Zheng, which, compares the qualities of the bamboo tree to the qualities which help us to heal.

Bamboo is Straight.
In the same way,
we must cultivate
our own straightness
and be Honest,
with ourselves
and with others.

Bamboo is Hollow.
Thus, we should find
the emptiness within
and be Humble.

Bamboo is Evenly Structured.
So also
should we strive
to find the evenness
within us,

Bamboo is Evergreen,
standing tall
radiating health
standing firm and strong
through storms
and through
all the seasons.
So also must we build
Strength and Fortitude
to face the seasons
and the travails
of life.

When we do these things
Then we too
shall become strong
and Healthy
like Bamboo.

What our patients are saying:

10/26/20: A man in his 50s has been dealing with his knee problems for years, he had already tried to get help from different places including Myopathic Muscular Therapy Clinic and Massage Therapy Clinics.  He told me that his knees only got slightly better after going to those places.  Now his knees’ problems are all gone after getting acupuncture treatments from our clinic, he can stand up very quickly from a sitting position and there are no more strange feelings in his knees. – jz