Facial Rejuvenation

What is Facial Rejuvenation

Are you interested in treating both medical and cosmetic desires? We feel in combining a blend of ancient medicinal treatments (Ayurveda/Chinese) with aesthetics in the same appointment, we may address both wellness and skin care concerns and obtain the best possible results to allow you to Be Well and Feel Good”.

What is the course of a treatment? Allow 90 minute’s to receive a facial rejuvenation treatment with a licensed acupuncturist, Rusheng Zheng with over 42 years experience. He will perform a diagnosis and determine and treat the imbalances in the body. Brenda King, who has worked with Rusheng for 12 years and is a licensed aesthetician will begin the treatment which supports the acupuncture work with a technique used in Chinese medicine referred to as Gua Sha. It is performed with an instrument and the technique is natural, relaxing and promotes blood flow circulation which can also remove toxins from the body. In the treatment Brenda will also determine the overall health of the skin and perform a facial that will treat the current condition and seasonal concerns with products and procedures that involve some Ayurveda natural remedies. The overall treatment of each individual will be very personal and determined by both Rusheng’s and Brenda’s discoveries. We believe your skin can look better than ever, no matter how old you are, especially when we recognize that what happens on the inside both physical and emotionally truly shows on the outside. Our skin tells a story.

Who would benefit. Have you every looked in the mirror and thought, “I look older than I feel”, and I want to look a little younger than I am.  Maybe you have some sun damage, crow’s feet, a few fine lines and wrinkles appearing sooner than you would like and are interested in taking care of yourself and perhaps just slowing the aging process down while looking good but appropriate for your age, you know, just a little softening around the eyes. Then, this is for you.

Does it really make a difference? Facial rejuvenation will improve facial tone, increase circulation which addresses premature aging, reduce and soften fine lines and wrinkles, treat bags under eyes and saggy eyelids, improve skin color and promotes overall health and well being.


We guarantee that you will leave refreshed, your skin revived and spirit renewed.

Single Treatment: $115

Package of six : $540        ($90 per visit, $25 SAVINGS)

We recommended weekly visits for a series of six treatments, additional visits to be determined.

To make it more cost effective we have a payment plan for our packages. $300 is due at the first visit and at scheduled appointments the balance of $40 per visit will be collected. Some insurance companies may pay for a portion of the medical treatment where some patient’s responsibility may be no more than $40 for a treatment.


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